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Throughout the history of basketball, the greatest players have almost always have the greatest athletic abilities.  Players like Dr. J, Michael Jordan and Lebron James can out maneuver, jump and simply blow right by guys.  Athletic ability is a key to every basketball player’s success.  What if you could make a player jump a few more inches higher, cover the court a little quicker and have a little bit more agility?  Most certainly this player would become a far greater player.
At House of Speed we just don’t make little improvements, rather game changing improvements.
With our cutting edge technology and more than a decade of research and design, House of Speed offers the most developed training one has to offer.  Athletes will become more athletic while learning how to use their athletic abilities on the court.
Here are some areas House of Speed will focus on:
        Quickness is key in basketball.  The quicker a player is the easier time they will have getting open and separating from the defense to get an open shot.  The player also has a better chance of getting to loose balls first.  The quickest players are usually the best defenders on the court because they can stay close to the offensive player.
Vertical Jump
        In basketball, the athlete who can jump higher has an advantage in every aspect of the sport.  The player who jumps up the highest will get more rebounds and block/contest more shots on defense.  On offense, a better vertical will allow you to jump above defenders arms to get a good shot at the basket. 
Eye-Hand Coordination & Quick Hands
        Quick hands are an important part in basketball.  Quick hands gives a defender a better chance of stealing passes and blocking shots.  They allow a player to dribble faster, and have better ball handling skills.  This makes it tougher for a defender to steal the ball.
 Quad and Glute Strengthand Endurance
        Good defense is played by staying low.  The lower your center of gravity is the more agility and quickness you have.  Many times an athlete will start to fatigue late in games which causes them to raise their center of gravity, and in turn play worse defense.  The ankle bands are a great training tool that increases the leg strength and endurance to stay low the entire game.
Staying Light on Feet
The jump rope teaches the athlete to stay on the balls of their feet.  Athletes lose a lot of body control and quickness if they play on their heels.  Jumping rope also not only helps the vertical, but the ability to get off the ground quickly.
Court Vision
Court vision is the ability to see the court and react on the movement of other players.  A player with great court vision can see open players on offense, and know where to pass the ball.  They also have the ability knowing when and where to drive to the basket.  A defensive player with great court vision can anticipate a pass and steal the ball.
Who are we?
We are House of Speed located in Aurora, IL. The company is founded by Don Beebe, one of the fastest players in NFL history. House of Speed’s training program is based on cutting edge technology used to enhance an athlete’s performance.
Our mission
At House of Speed, we feel as though we’re winning if an individual become a better athlete, but true victory can only be achieved through making that individual a better person.

Beebe attended Kaneland High school in Maple Park, IL where he lettered in basketball, and track, as well as football. 

Beebe also works with several professional and college programs in the area of speed training, including the Chicago Bears, the St. Louis Rams and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini.
Here is what one Kaneland Alumni had to say….

"The House of Speed camp has been really helpful to me.  I've learned and improved so much with my dribbling and shooting skills, that it brought me up from the B team to the A team."
                                                                                                                                                      Andie Strang ~ Kaneland High School Alumni

Maple Park IL - Basketball Summer Camp (2012)

3rd July 2012 | IL, Aurora
Location: Meredith Middle School
47W326 Keslinger Rd
Maple Park, IL
Dates: Every Tuesday & Thursday
Start Date: July 3rd
End Date: August 2nd (10 Training Days)
Time: 11:00-1:00pm
Price: $199
Take your game to a new level.
Athletes Will Learn:

  • Shooting Technique and Consistency
  • Ability to Attack off the Dribble
  • Quickness in the Feet and Hands
  • Explosive Power for Maximum Vertical
  • The Advantage to Make the big Play
"The House of Speed camp was really helpful to me because I learned so much dribbling skills and shooting. It was what brought me up from the B team to the A team."
Andie Strang ~ Kaneland High School Alumni


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