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Thank you for your participation in Kaneland Youth Basketball.  This policy is in effect for both Home and Away Games. 

Kaneland Youth  Basketball, Like many youth sports programs, will adopt a "zero tolerance" Code of Conduct Policy. This is a code of conduct that requires parents and coaches to let the kids play without criticizing the players or officials.

Spectators should not talk to officials. In fact, spectators who verbally or visually create an undesirable atmosphere will be asked to leave the facility.   Parents, if you have an issue…please bring it up to your coach, in private, away from the kids.  If they cannot answer it, they can come to a board member and get an answer.

Players that argue any call, in any form, verbally or visually, will be issued a Technical Foul.

Head Coaches will be the only one allowed to address the Referees.  Not the players, not the assistant coach.   Addressing the Referees by the head coach should be done in a respectful and calm manner.
We are out here to teach our area youth the skills and the fundamentals of Basketball.  Part of that is good sportsmanship.   We all must lead by example…if you are arguing with the ref or yelling from the stands we are not setting a good example for our youth.  Repeat offenders will be expelled from the league without refund.

Please note this important information from the State of Illinois.

Passed March 24, 2004 by the Illinois Legislature, by a vote of 117-1:

Aggravated Assault to a game official – If a person verbally assaults a game official and/or coach, the charge has been upgraded from a Class C to a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by 364 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Aggravated Battery to a game official – If a person strikes a game official and/or coach, and if found guilty, the penalty is up to 364 days in jail, $2,000 fine, and anger management classes.
(720 ILCS 5/12‑2) (from Ch. 38, par. 12‑2)
    (Text of Section from P.A. 96‑1000)
    Sec. 12‑2. Aggravated assault.
    (a) A person commits an aggravated assault, when, in committing an assault, he: Knows the individual assaulted to be a sports  official or coach at any level of competition and the act causing the assault to the sports official or coach occurred within an athletic facility or an indoor or outdoor playing field or within the immediate vicinity of the athletic facility or an indoor or outdoor playing field at which the sports official or coach was an active participant in the athletic contest held at the athletic facility. For the purposes of this paragraph (17), "sports official" means a person at an athletic contest who enforces the rules of the contest, such as an umpire or referee; and "coach" means a person recognized as a coach by the sanctioning authority that conducted the athletic contest