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Kaneland Youth Basketball League Code of Conduct Policy 

Kaneland Youth Basketball League(hereafter referred to as KYBL), is committed to promoting an environment that fosters a superior level of sportsmanship in the participation of athletic events. The following policy applies to all participants in KYBL athletic activities, including parents, guardians, and spectators and is intended to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.
1) As a representative of KYBL every coach, parent and athlete must at all times set examples of good sportsmanship.
2) Unsportsmanlike, abusive or violent conduct will not be tolerated at any KYBL event or activities. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to the following:
a)      Profanity
b)      Verbal abuse of referees, coaches, other parents, or players
c)      Physical endangerment
d)      Repeated disregard for KYBL policies and rules
3) It is a privilege to participate in athletic activities sponsored by KYBL. Players, parents, and spectators who do not conduct themselves appropriately will be subject to discipline by the Board, coaches and/or referees. Discipline may include permanently barring the parent/guardian and/or their player(s) from any and all KYBL athletic activities when it is in the judgment of the Board that such action is required.
a)      In most cases, disciplinary action will be progressive and can include:
i)        A verbal warning
ii)       A written warning
iii)     Suspension from one or more KYBL activities
iv)     Permanent bar of parent/guardian and/or their player(s) from all KYBL athletic activities.
b)      The type of disciplinary action imposed is at the discretion of the Board and nothing in this policy is intended to guarantee that the Board must or shall follow all disciplinary steps prior to suspending or barring any parent/guardian and/or their player(s) with or without notice. If progressive discipline is pursued, steps 3.a.i through 3.a.iii may all take place in the same game/event, if warranted.
4)  Any parent/guardian, player, or spectator permanently barred from participation in KYBL athletic events due to their failure to adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship may not reapply for reinstatement for two years. 


Kaneland Youth Basketball is committed to providing all participants in the program an enjoyable basketball experience. To achieve that the KYBL must take steps to insure that coaches, parents and family members conduct themselves appropriately. In recent years the KYBL has had to deal with coaches and parents whose behavior fell short of our expectations. Individuals that fail to meet these guidelines will be subject to sanctions as determined by the KYBL Board.

The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Coaches and parents/family members will at all times exhibit proper sportsmanship and will refrain from any verbal abuse of players, coaches, officials or spectators.

  • Parents and family members watching the games are to remain in the spectator area during games and will not go onto the court or approach the team benches during the games.

  • Anyone that instigates any physical contact or confrontation with a player, coach, official, or another parent or family member before, during or after any game will be subject to an immediate and permanent ban from attending or participating in any KYBL activity